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Design Collaborative Group

As designers and artisans, it's easy to get trapped in isolation and mediocrity in our day to day lives.

Many of us have to work separate part time or full time jobs, often stalling as we move sideways, striving to balance the notion of being creative while supporting ourselves, our life styles and our families.

In early 2012, after much discussion and creative brainstorming, Edward Fuller and Kennedy Brown decided to formulate a plan and came up with Dragonbox; a group initiative to help challenge these obstacles.

The title ‘Dragonbox’ is a metaphor for imagination, creativity and the idea that the smallest most radical little concepts should never be discounted but instead harnessed and embraced.

They invited other creative practitioners including Ron Crummer and Leon Kipa, all of whom were in comparable positions and looking for similar opportunities.

This initiative now acts as a platform from which these designers can support and motivate each other in creative and inspiring ways; a collective to generate action through interaction.

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